Semi Trailer Repair

From flat bed trailers, dump, dry vans, step decks, stoughtons, and conestoga’s we have you covered at Nationwide Haul Truck & Trailer Repair. We provide any and all repairs on trailers in order to get your fleet or individual operator back on the road safe and in a timely matter. With over 75 years of trailer experience from dealerships such as Wabash our technicians are fully qualified to facilitate any trailer repair mechanical or body.

ABS/Electrical Diagnostics

We can manually or electronically test ABS system on trailers in order to determine working functions of lights and wiring system. ABS valves, speed sensors, wiring harness are some examples of repairs we can address on site. Wiring of light systems and installation of light assemblies are just a few examples of our specialized repairs.

DOT Inspection

We have several DOT State/Federally Licensed inspectors on scene that can address inspections from companies like LANDSTAR to just your required state DOT for OTR traveling. Inspections take roughly an hour in length and includes full reports, DOT documentation, and corresponding stickers in governance with state laws. All systems on trailer units are checked prior to giving DOT approved stickers.


Suspensions can be completely rebuilt here at Nationwide Haul Truck & Trailer Repair. From Great Dane, Wabash, Utility, Hyundai, Stoughton, and many more we can rebuild or replace any type of suspension your trailer is equipped with. Hendrickson and Meritor suspension work, u bolt hanger replacement, broken axles, spring assemblies, torque radius and tracking components if just some of the areas we cover on suspension.

Brake System/Tires

Servicing brakes will keep your trailer unit from costly repairs down the line. Here at Nationwide Haul Truck and Trailer Repair we specialize in all parking brake system, brake shoe/drums, brake tubing, electronic brakes, and hydraulic brakes for any trailer brought on site. We will check your wheels for damage, oil levels, slack adjustments, lining requirements, and any additional findings our experienced technicians notate. Tire replacement, repair, and rims can also be accommodated on site.

Fabrications/Body Repair

Trailers of all types can be rebuild from the ground up here at Nationwide Haul Truck & Trailer Repair. From Apitong wood installation on floor boards to complete restoration of body panels, aluminum roofing, swing/roll doors, side post, cornering post, nose rail/panels, and threshold plates we can fabricate anything on trailers of all sizes. We have state of the art welding equipment for jobs that require aluminum or steel welding via cross bars, frame rails, cross members, posts, and any other heavy duty fabrications. All outer and inner body patching via kemlite can be addressed at our facility in accordance with DOT specs.

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