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Sell Your Equipment

Sell Your Equipment

Nationwide Haul wants to buy your equipment! Perhaps you decided to upgrade to a new truck or trailer, or maybe you are downsizing your fleet. No matter the reason you plan to sell your equipment, Nationwide Haul makes it easy to do so.

Our approach includes several options for selling your equipment, with a focus on you. You can decide whether you want to sell your equipment, consign it with us, or let us help you list it in an auction. No matter the option you choose, our team ensures the process goes smoothly and you get a fair price. We can even help you decide which selling option makes the most sense for your equipment and situation.

Sell Your Equipment to Us

Many truck & trailer owners choose to sell us their equipment directly. This is a straightforward option that helps us maintain our selection of used equipment, while making it easy for you to upgrade or sell yours. We have plenty of experience buying equipment for great prices, and we pride ourselves on helping you get the most from your equipment.

The process of selling your equipment to us involves only three steps. These steps enable us to evaluate your equipment to determine its value and offer you a fair price.

  1. Send us photos, specs, and other details of your equipment.
  2. We’ll inspect your equipment in person.
  3. We’ll give you a competitive quote.

Consign Your Equipment

You can also opt to consign your equipment to us. This lets you take advantage of our decades of experience and resources in the industry to get the best value for your equipment. Best of all, our experience means that we can even help with additional support, such as financing as well as tag and title services. And we’ll make sure that your equipment is in sale ready condition.

This process involves four simple steps to make your sale:

  1. We inspect your equipment.
  2. We determine the fair market value of your equipment.
  3. We agree on the terms of the consignment, including any necessary repairs.
  4. Sell your equipment.

Auction Your Equipment

Yet another option is to auction off your equipment. This is another way to sell your equipment while benefiting from Nationwide Haul’s industry experience and connections. We have built connections with multiple auction networks across various multimedia platforms, enabling us to reach the people who want to buy your assets.

Thanks to our connections, your equipment will be seen by thousands of potential buyers before the auction even begins. That should encourage plenty of attention at the auction, leading to high bids.

This process covers the following steps:

  1. We inspect your equipment.
  2. We evaluate the fair market value of your equipment.
  3. We list your assets for auction, which is called pre-auction selling.
  4. During the auction, your equipment is sold to the highest bidder.

Sell Your Equipment with Ease

To start the process of selling your equipment with Nationwide Haul, fill out the form on our website or call (877) 659-8302 and speak with a representative today.