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Truck Repair

Truck Repair

Our service facilities are staffed with qualified technicians working with up-to-date computers and tools to help keep your truck on the road, or get it back on it when you are in need of repairs. Schedule and appointment today, or call us for road service! We are here to help!

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Preventative Maintenance

As part of our preventative maintenance services, we change oil, fuel and air filters. We also complete overall inspections of your unit. This includes topping up fluids, lubricating the chassis, and refilling wiper fluid tanks. Of course, we report our findings to you so that you know the condition of your truck, and can provide estimates of needed repairs so you know where you stand.

Computer Diagnostics

We constantly update our protocol for computer diagnostics of medium- and heavy-duty trucks. As such, we’ll have the latest software for your auto and be able to pinpoint issues immediately.

Supported Technicians

Additionally, we subscribe to support services, providing our technicians with up-to-date service bulletins, repair times, and information on repairs.

Brake Inspections

Our brake inspections ensure that your truck’s brake system is in good working order. Thanks to electronic ABS systems, technicians use computers to inspect the brakes of most trucks. We have those computers and the relevant diagnostic software for each brake system.

In addition to computer-based inspection, we also physically inspect the brake system, looking at every component from the wheel assembly to the engine compartment.

DOT Inspection

Our DOT-approved technicians and ready to perform your annual DOT inspection as required by Federal and State law. Our inspection covers all required areas. We also take time to update you about any issues you need to address. When you meet the DOT inspection guidelines, you will receive an inspection document and an approved decal. This includes documentation to keep in the truck and a copy for the office.

Engine Service

Our Nationwide Haul repair facilities have all the equipment necessary to replace entire engines. This allows us to offer rebuild services. We can replace your engine with a new, used, or remanufactured engine.

Our engine services also extend to fuel systems, turbochargers, injection systems, DPF, DEF, and EGR. Our experience enables us to address issues for both gas and diesel combustion engines.

Air Brake Systems

Our specialties extend to air brake systems. Our technicians find leaks, service air dryers, repair or replace air compressors, and replace governors. We can completely overhaul your air brake system or rerun air lines if needed.

Suspension and Front-end Services

Our technicians will gladly repair the front end or suspension of your truck. We can completely rebuild your truck’s front end or perform a much more minor task, like discovering the cause of vibration. Our state-of-the-art equipment from Hunter Alignment ensures top-quality service for alignment and balancing. We can also install custom suspension upgrades, replace air leveling valves, replace spring and air bag suspension systems, and more. Some parts we replace include ball joints, kingpins, drag links, all front-end components, tie rod ends, and steering stabilizers.

You can easily schedule an appointment at one of our Nationwide Haul truck repair facilities by calling us.

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