Truck Repair

Computer Diagnostic

Our facility is constantly updating to the latest protocol in computer diagnostic scanning of medium and heavy duty trucks. With specific software for your vehicle we can pinpoint issues and avoid lengthy diagnostic times. We also subscribe to monthly support services to provide our technicians with up to date information on repair, repair times, and service bulletins.

Preventative Maintenance

Our PM services include changing oil, fuel, and air filters. During a service we perform an overall basic inspection of the unit, lubricate the chassis, refill wiper fluid tanks, top off any other fluids, and report the findings to the customer. Our PM service is not a basic oil change; we service your unit the way the manufacturer recommends.

Engine Service

We are fully equipped to remove and replace entire engines. We can offer rebuild services, and can replace an engine using several different options (new, used, remanufactured). We work on injection systems, fuel systems, turbo chargers, EGR, DEF, and DPF as well. We service and repair both Diesel and Gasoline combustion engines.

Air Brake Systems

Our technicians are specialists in truck air brake systems. We find leaks, replace governors, service air dryers, and more. We provide complete air brake system overhauls, repair and replace air compressors, and rerun air lines when needed.

DOT Inspection

Our DOT approved technicians perform the annual DOT inspection required by State and Federal Law. We cover all areas of the inspection and notify the customer of issues that need to be addressed in order to pass. Units found to be within the guidelines receive an approved decal and an inspection document for both the road and office.

Brake Inspection

We provide a brake inspection service that can isolate any issue in the overall brake system. With today’s electronic ABS systems computers are often required to complete the inspection process. Our facility is equipment with computers and diagnostic software specific to each brake system. Physical inspection is certainly important as well, each component of the brake system receives a physical inspection from the engine compartment to the wheel assembly.

Suspension and Front End

From finding the source of a vibration to completely rebuilding the front end of your unit, we do it all. We have state of the art alignment and balancing machines from Hunter Alignment to assure top quality service. We replace kingpins, ball joints, tie rod ends, drag links, steering stabilizers, and all front end components. We repair and replace air bag and spring suspension systems, replace air leveling valves, and install custom suspension upgrades as well.

"Very knowledgeable and reliable Truck repair shop, best overall customer service in Broward county. If you are looking to get your Medium/Heavy duty truck/trucks to get serviced, you must check them out, you will not be disappointed!!!!!" Sebastian R. (5 star review)

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