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Stoughton Trailers

You will always find trailers from the top brands at Nationwide Haul, including plenty of Stoughton Trailers. Explore some of the types of Stoughton trailers that you can buy or lease from us.

Refrigerated Trailers

Stoughton’s PureBlue refrigerated trailer is known for being innovative. It has a conventional design yet is lighter in weight, safer, and more thermally efficient than other similar trailers.

It also has some hidden innovative engineering features. For example, it has bonded side posts, so there are few holes in the sidewalls. This prevents moisture from getting into the trailer.

It also has composite framing on the rear doors and front wall. This framing optimizes thermal efficiency while reducing the overall weight. The result is the ability to haul more products.

The rear doors feature a triple wiper seal to minimize air loss and protect your cargo. You will also appreciate the following features.

Unique Mounting Frame

The PureBlue trailers feature a refrigerated mounting frame that is high-strength, lightweight, and low conductivity. It works with all types and manufacturers of refrigeration units. The use of composite material prevents the heat produced by the refrigeration unit from getting into the trailer.

Fully-enclosed Floor Design

The heavy-duty duct floor is made from extruded aluminum, supporting loads with ease. The design is fully enclosed and features a knurled edge top surface that provides skid resistance. The trailer lasts longer because there is no wood used.

Platen Foaming Process

Stoughton trailers also use a platen foaming insulation process to ensure thermal efficiency of the floor, front wall doors, ceiling, and sidewalls. Every subassembly is insulated before the trailer is assembled.

Once the trailer is assembled, each connection is foamed separately, delivering an airtight seal. The result is more consistent insulation and less susceptibility to damage.

Scuff Guards

The sidewall has a 12-inch integral scuff liner and a 6-inch aluminum scuff band free from rivets. These prevent damage when loading and unloading.

Z-Plate Composite Trailers

The other major category of Stoughton trailers at Nationwide Haul is the Z-Plate vans. These are made using composite laminate panels.

Patented Panels

Those patented poly-laminate panels are made with galvanized steel on the outside and epoxy coating on the inside. This combination maximizes durability.

The panels can also easily be replaced without having to remove the adjoining panels. This sets the Z-Plate vans apart from other similar panel trailers. It also minimizes the time in the shop.

Scuff Liners

These vans also have extra-wide scruff rails made from extruded aluminum and solid, full-width oak floors. The recessed splice plate features “A” slots to improve cargo control with any standard system for cargo restraint.

The lower rail design on the latest Z-Plate vans is 3.5 inches taller. This moves the rivets up by 3.5 inches, away from the scrape zone, to boost durability. And the new combination of aluminum side rails and scuff protection is 12 inches higher.

Standard Underride Guard

The Z-Plate vans feature a standard underride guard in the rear, which doesn’t add any weight to the trailers. It resists the compartmental intrusion of an auto when the impact overlaps 30% to 100%. Its bolt-on design makes repairs easy and meets all American and Canadian regulations.

Reach out to our team to learn more about the Stoughton trailers available at Nationwide Haul.