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Semi-Trailer Rental

One of our goals at Nationwide Haul is to fit all our clients’ needs. That’s why we offer semi-trailer rentals in addition to the ability to lease or buy trailers. Renting gives you a shorter-term solution, while leasing and buying give you medium- and long-term solutions. With these options, you can choose the solution that best fits your needs.

Even if you already own or lease some semi-trailers, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to rent one. Perhaps you need to increase your fleet size for a short duration. Or maybe you need a specialized trailer for a specific contract.

Enjoy Flexibility

By renting a semi-trailer from Nationwide Haul, you get the utmost flexibility. Thanks to our large network and vast inventory, we can rent you a trailer on short notice. Our list of rental trailers is as extensive as our trailers for sale or lease. This includes dry van, reefer, flatbed, dump, drop deck, and heavy haul trailers and more.

Simply put, we can easily rent you the type of semi-trailer you need when you need it.

When to Rent a Semi-trailer

Every business is different. Some companies choose to rent to offer various trucking services without being limited to a specific type of trailer. Most companies, however, opt for longer-term solutions like buying or leasing the majority of their fleet. They then supplement those with rentals when necessary.

The following are some of the most common situations when you may want to rent a semi-trailer from us.

Starting New Contracts Right Away

When you get a new trucking contract, you want to start it as soon as possible. Doing so helps you improve the client experience and enables you to earn income from the job sooner. But what if your equipment is on the other side of the country or too many miles away from the new client’s location? Renting a trailer can be an excellent short-term solution. You can rent the trailer for however long it takes to get your current equipment where it needs to go.

Start-ups Waiting for Long-term Solutions

New companies may face additional challenges securing financing for a fleet or being approved for a lease. While you work to get that approval, renting semi-trailers lets you get your company moving. Being able to do business does more than just bring in cash. It will also let you show potential lenders that your company brings in profits, increasing the chances of them approving your lease or loan.

Waiting for Fleet Upgrades

Even if you are an established company, you may not get a new trailer overnight. You’ll have to find a semi-trailer to fit your needs (which we can help with) and get financing or a lease. Then, you’ll have to get it to your location. Consider using a rental while you complete all of those steps.

Reach out to us to learn about renting a semi-trailer, or start the application today.

Seasonal Fluctuations in Demand

Depending on the customers you haul or truck for, they likely have varying seasonal demands. Renting additional trailers is the best way to meet those. By renting equipment, you can temporarily expand your fleet without having to worry about your equipment sitting unused in a lot for most of the year.

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