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Mac Trailers

MAC Trailer is one of the leading manufacturers of trailers in North America. With 30 years of experience, MAC Trailer has built a solid name for delivering high-quality trailers with innovative designs that meet the changing needs of the trucking industry.

MAC Trailer partly attributes its continuing growth to its strong network of trailer dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada. It considers Nationwide Haul, a multi-location dealership based in Florida, as one of its primary partners.

If you're in the market for a new trailer or need financing for one, here's everything you need to know about MAC Trailer.

History of MAC Trailer

Thirty years ago, Michael A. Conny began his career as a lone entrepreneur, working out of a one-car garage to fix up damaged trailers. Michael’s small business has come a long way since then. Today, MAC Trailer is the foremost manufacturer of dump, drop-deck, flatbed, transfer, liquid tank, and dry bulk pneumatic tank trailers in North America. MAC Trailer's campuses span almost 600 acres and contain more than 1.5 million square feet of space, allowing it to cater to customers across the globe.

MAC Trailer’s Visionary Technology

Despite its success, MAC Trailer recognizes the need to stay competitive in an ever-changing market. As a company, MAC Trailer is dedicated to designing better products for its customers. The trailers it produces have cutting-edge designs, paving the way for higher payloads, better efficiency, and higher profits.


MAC Trailer's new ADVANTAGE X-tender expands the possibilities for fleet operations. The ADVANTAGE X-tender is available in lengths ranging from 53 to 65 feet and weighs the same as a standard combo with the exact base specifications. It allows fleet owners and operators to take on loads they previously had to decline due to length restrictions. The ADVANTAGE X-tender is explicitly designed for hauling precast, rebar, and pipe loads. Thanks to its light weight and ability to carry standard flatbed commodity loads, it provides excellent opportunities in these markets.


The MACLOCK® design has been constructed, tested, and proven in Europe since the 1980s. The "MVP" (MAC Vertical Panel) contributes to a significant increase in fuel economy. More cubic yards can be obtained for the same price. Through the careful placement of extrusions, the thickness of the panels' inner walls can be adjusted to achieve the best balance between durability, weight, and other factors.

Value vs. Cost

In today's market, trailers from MAC Trailer are known for their quality and durability. With a heavy-duty design, these trailers can withstand years of use and continue to function at their prime. When you compare the cost of a MAC Trailer with other brands, you'll see that there is no comparison in terms of value. MAC trailers are built to last and will provide you with years of trouble-free service. 

Specialty and Custom-Built Options

MAC Trailer offers a wide variety of specialty and custom-built options to meet the needs of its customers.

Specialty trailers are pre-configured for specific applications like hauling heavy machinery or transporting livestock. This means they are often more expensive than custom-built options, but these trailers are also ready to go right out of the factory.

Custom-built trailers, on the other hand, are built to your specifications. This gives you more control over trailer prices and features. However, it also means you'll have to do more research to ensure everything is up to code.

From dump trailers to livestock trailers MAC Trailer has a trailer that will suit your needs and budget.

Mac Dump Trailers

The standard dump trailer is MAC Trailer’s flagship trailer. It is suitable for hauling heavy loads and is valuable for various applications. The standard MAC dump trailer features a heavy-duty frame, large wheels, and a durable body. It is ideal for hauling dirt, gravel, and sand.

Flatbed Trailers

The "Road Warrior," a standard flatbed trailer, stands at the head of the MAC trailer lineup. The flatbed trailer can carry evenly distributed loads and concentrate in a small area, thanks to its multiple axle configurations and comprehensive beam ratings. MAC flatbed trailers have many uses beyond the common ones of transporting lumber, skids, bagged sand, and coils.


MAC Aluminum Trailers 

MAC Trailer has established itself as America's most trusted source for aluminum trailers. It offers a complete line of aluminum trailers in various sizes and styles. In addition to rust and corrosion resistance, the all-aluminum construction translates to a low hauling weight, providing better gas mileage.

MAC Steel Trailers

Steel dump trailers from MAC Trailer feature a sturdy design to handle the most demanding loads. The MAC steel dump trailers are suitable for rough and heavy loads with the option of either a traditional radius or a half-round bulkhead.

Steel Half-Round Trailers

The MAC Steel Half-Round is perfect for transporting construction materials or large pieces of equipment. The half-round design makes it easy to load and unload, and the trailer’s powder-coated finish makes it rust- and corrosion-proof. 

MACsimizer Aluminum Half-Round Trailers

With its innovative construction, the MACsimizer Half-Round is an excellent option for those who need to haul the most weight possible without sacrificing reliability. The MACsimizer is similar in volume to a conventional square-body dump trailer, but it weighs only 8,900 pounds. The compact front end keeps its center of gravity low, with 31 inches less flat space on the bulkhead than a standard flat bulkhead.

Dump Trailer

Bottom Dump Trailers

MAC bottom dump trailers are designed for maximum payload and performance. Whether you need a trailer for hauling construction materials or agricultural products, MAC Trailer has a model that will get the job done right. With features like air ride suspensions and easy-to-use dumping mechanisms, MAC bottom dump trailers are the perfect choice for your next project.

Bullet™ Bottom Dump Trailers

One of the newest members of the MAC Trailer family is the MAC Bullet™ Bottom Dump. This latest addition maintains the tried-and-true, sturdy “monocoque” design of the classic Bullet™ dump trailers, with features and innovations from MAC technology.

Drop Deck/Step Deck Trailers

MAC Trailer manufactures drop deck/step deck trailers that are lightweight and durable to accommodate loads of varying sizes and weights. Overall lengths range from 40 to 53 feet, and the upper deck can be as short as 10 feet or as long as 11 feet. You can build these trailers with multiple axles, making them suitable for general and specialized hauling.

MLP-6 and MLP-8 Trailers

Low-profile necks of 6" or 8" on these flatbed trailers allow maximum loading of available construction materials, pipe, and palletized freight. These trailers have different beam ratings, interior heights, and load capacities. Pockets, spools, rub bands, sliding axles, and a variety of Conestoga sliding tarp system brands are all options for outfitting MLP-6s and MLP-8s.

Vacuum Pneumatic Tanks

Trailers from MAC's vacuum tank division feature detachable piping that allows for quick cleaning and the operator's protection. The controls for the external piping are conveniently located and clearly labeled. MAC vacuum pneumatic tanks are built with the operator's safety in mind.

1000 Cube Tanks

The 1000 Cube Tank's lightweight aluminum frame and two-hopper layout ensure maximum payloads with minimal towing effort. You can choose between an open strut or enclosed trailer when you buy this one, and you'll get a proper volume vessel with MAC Trailer Stairs and valve handle extensions as a bonus.

Pneumatic Trailer

Low Cube Tanks

Low cube pneumatic storage tanks feature anodized aluminum exteriors, internal bar-type bracing, and reinforcing plates at the hopper apex. Trucks that transport cement and sand should use these tanks. MAC Trailer offers many add-ons to tailor the tank to the customer’s specific requirements. They come in 1050, 1250, and 1350 mm models, but other dimensions are available.

High Cube Tanks

High cube pneumatic tanks, including the internal bar-type bracing and the inner hopper apex reinforcing plates, are made from high-quality, polished aluminum used in food- and non-food-grade applications. It's recommended to transport flour, sugar, pellets, fly ash, and lime using these trailers. These are available in 1650, 1850, and 2000 models.

Aero Tarps 

MAC Trailer is proud to offer Aero tarps, the most innovative tarp system in the industry. Aero tarps provide maximum protection against the elements while reducing drag and weight.

Transfer Trailer

Transfer Trailers

MAC Trailer offers a variety of trailers that can cater to any type of job or transport. From moving floor trailers to tipper trailers, MAC Trailer has the perfect trailer for your needs.

Moving Floor/Walking Floor/Live Floor Trailers

The movable floor transfers can be purchased in either the traditional, fully welded aluminum sheet and post design or the modern, smooth-sided "MVP" MACLOCK design (MAC Vertical Panel). A wide range of materials can be transported using a moving floor transfer trailer, from MSW (municipal solid waste) to wood, steel, agricultural materials, plastics, sand, and scrap.


MAC Trailer tippers are used for long-distance transport where maximum payload, volume, and tare weight are paramount. The absence of unnecessary parts maintains the lightweight construction of the tippers. They have a rear bumper and over-slung gate that work with any tipping platform.

Tandem Axle/Tri-Axle/Multi-Axle Configurations

MAC Trailer's multi-axle transfers are the best option for heavy haulers who must adhere to strict road regulations. MAC Trailer has considered the customer's preferences for axle placement, weight distribution, and compliance with local bridge laws when designing these trailers.

Spread Axle/Sliding Axle/Fixed Axle/Lift Axle Configurations 

A spread axle trailer is a type of trailer with axles spaced further apart than usual. This spacing allows for better weight distribution and improved stability, making it ideal for carrying heavy loads. MAC Trailer is one of the leading manufacturers of spread axle trailers in the U.S.

Straight Truck Bodies

MAC Straight Truck Steel is your best bet for applications where the strength of steel is essential but where portability is also paramount. You can choose from various configurations that all maintain the same high level of structural integrity while carrying high payloads. During the dumping cycle, this trailer’s straight steel body helps keep the load centered so that it can be released quickly. 

MVP Dump Trailers

The exterior of this trailer has the appearance of being weldless because it is made of structural snap-together panels. A reduction in drag and an increase in payload have been attributed to the MVP or MAC Vertical Panel. Lighting and wiring are protected from the elements and road debris by an extruded 6061 T6 aluminum open-bottom rail.

Liquid Tank Trailers

MAC Trailer offers a variety of liquid tank trailers that are perfect for any job, big or small. MAC liquid tank trailers range from general-use vacuum tank trailers to custom-designed tanks for transporting petroleum, chemicals, and other fluids.

Short Dump Trailers

Short dump trailers are shorter in length than standard dump trailers. These trailers are typically used for hauling small loads, such as sand, gravel, or debris.

Liquid Tank Trailer

Tri-axle Dump Trailers

A dump trailer with three rear axles is called a tri-axle dump trailer. The primary function of a tri-axle trailer is to transport massive loads. As a result of having multiple axles and wheels, the trailer’s center of gravity is spread out more evenly.

Gooseneck Dump Trailers 

A gooseneck dump trailer is a trailer attached to a truck using a gooseneck hitch. The stability of a gooseneck dump trailer stands out as its primary benefit. The risk of the trailer swaying is lessened when the trailer's weight is distributed over the rear axle rather than the back frame.

Frame-Type Dump Trailers 

There are two different dump trailers available from MAC Trailer: frame-type and frameless. Trailers of the framed variety are long-lasting and reliable. It can carry much weight and is simple to load and unload.

Frameless Dump Trailer

Frameless Dump Trailers 

It's simpler to maneuver a frameless dump trailer because of its reduced weight than a framed trailer. Also, a frameless trailer has the added benefits of being low-cost and low-maintenance.

Smooth Side MVP Trailers

The structural snap-together panels used in this trailer's construction allow for a weldless, mirror-like exterior. Fuel efficiency and payload capacity have improved thanks to the aerodynamic MVP, or MAC Vertical Panel, and the narrow width of the core panels.

Sheet and Post Dump Trailers

This trailer has become the standard because it is entirely welded with its reliable sheet and post design. Sheet and post dump trailers have a .175-inch wall thickness and a hollow-designed bottom rail, making them ideal for regular hauls.

39-Foot Dump Trailers

This type of MAC frameless end dump trailer spans 39 feet. It is designed for hauling heavy loads and can be used with various trucks. This type of trailer is versatile and can be used for multiple applications.

Conestoga Trailers

Conestoga trailers are a subset of trailers that have been optimized for safety, adaptability, and weatherproofing. Conestogas have a tarping system that can be retracted along the length of their decks, allowing them to carry up to 44,000 pounds.

Side Kit Trailers

Similar to a dry van, a side kit can be installed quickly and efficiently to provide full top-to-bottom coverage for a load. The modular design of the side kit makes it convenient to put on or take off as required.

Specialty and Custom-Built Trailers

MAC Trailer also offers specialty and custom-built trailers. These trailers are designed to meet the specific needs of customers. The company offers a wide variety of models and sizes to choose from.

MAC Trailer Models 

Pneumatic Tankers

  • Low Cube Pneumatic Tanker – Pneumatic storage tanks for low volumes are constructed with anodized aluminum shells, internal bar bracing, and apex reinforcement plates. Use these tanks on cement and sand-hauling trucks. The low cube tanker from MAC Trailer can be customized to meet the buyer’s needs, thanks to the company's extensive selection of optional extras.
  • High Cube Pneumatic Tanker – Internal bar-type bracing and apex reinforcing plates on high cube pneumatic tanks are crafted from high-quality, polished aluminum for food- and non-food-grade uses. These trailers are ideal for hauling dry goods like flour, sugar, pellets, fly ash, and lime.
  • AeroMAC Pneumatic Tanker – The AeroMAC-1615 food-grade tank trailer is a monocoque frameless trailer that ensures maximum performance. The aluminum 5454-H32 pneumatic trailer has a capacity of 1,615 cubic feet, and it operates at 14.7 pounds per square inch (psi).
Pneumatic Trailer

Transfer Trailers

  • Moving Floors/Tippers – Moving floor and tipper trailers can be used to load and unload bulky and conventional goods quickly. Transporting items like sand, pellets, scrap, and agricultural products is the primary function of these trailer designs.
  • Multi-Axle – Heavy haulers who adhere to strict road regulations will benefit significantly from MAC Trailer's multi-axle transfers. A customer’s requirements regarding axle placement, weight distribution, or bridge laws are considered when designing these trailers.
  • Drop Deck – Drop deck transfers, like those found on MAC trailers, are most helpful in transporting lightweight, high-volume loads, such as municipal solid waste (MSW), woodchips, and recyclables. You can customize your drop-deck transportation with a tipping floor or ramp.
  • V-Slat Moving Floor – By removing the potential for tipping or making contact with electrical lines, V-slat moving floor systems provide MAC transfer trailers with flexible unloading options. You can unload either a partial or a full load of sand, aggregate, rock, or asphalt with the help of a moving floor system. 
  • MAC Lite Floor – The MAC Lite Moving Floor is revolutionizing the commodity trailer industry with its fully engineered and riveted design. The classic MAC Z-beam construction used in making these walking floor trailers is what sets them apart. 
  • Asphalt Moving Floor – These portable floor systems are the most efficient and convenient option when unloading asphalt, sand, or rock. These systems can function in low-lying environments, such as beneath bridges and overpasses.
  • MAC Lite Tipper Trailer – The MAC Lite Tipper Trailer, like the MAC Lite Floor, is supported by the tried-and-true MAC Z-beam. These trailers are the lightest in the business and range in length from 42 to 53 feet.
  • Common Uses – Plastics, solid waste, steel, crushed cars, sand, agricultural materials, wood, and scrap are just some materials moving floor transfer trailers can transport.
  • Sheet and Post – The aluminum skin, uprights, and top and bottom rails of the MAC Sheet & Post Straight Truck Body all work together to form a unitized side wall component. The design makes this truck body extremely structural.
  • Smooth Side MVP – When it comes to innovation, engineering, and construction, look no further than the MAC smooth-sided straight truck, which features the patented MACLOCK™ structural snap-together side panel. The company offers lightweight, extruded inset and outset panels for maximum efficiency and profitability.
  • Half Round – Among the MAC family of straight truck body designs, the MAC Half Round is an established lightweight, durable performer. This cutting-edge layout, which comes in 3/16 and 1/4 inch material, improves aerodynamics to help you save money on gas.
  • Steel Dump – The steel dump trailers manufactured by MAC Trailer are built to last and are designed to carry heavy loads. Whether you need a trailer for abrasive materials or just a lot of weight, MAC steel dump trailers have you covered.
  • Common Uses – MAC Trailer manufactures a variety of straight-body trailers that have a range of uses. The most common use for these trailers is hauling freight, but they can also move livestock or other materials.
Transfer Trailer
Transfer Trailer
Transfer Trailer
Transfer Trailer

Dump Trailers

  • MAC Half-Round MACSIMIZER Dump – The MACsimizer is similar in size to a square-body dump trailer but weighs only 8,900 pounds when empty (without liner and tarp). With 31-inch less flat space on the bulkhead than a standard flat bulkhead, the low-profile front end manages to keep its center of gravity low.
  • MAC MVP Dump – Welds aren't used to create this trailer's sleek, reflective exterior because the panels snap together. The lights and wiring are protected from the elements and road debris by a hollow bottom rail of extruded 6061 T6 aluminum.
  • MAC Steel Dump – When it comes to heavy hauling, nothing but the MAC steel dump trailers will do. The abrasive and heavy loads are no match for the MAC steel dump trailers, which come with either a traditional radius or a half-round bulkhead.
  • MAC Sheet and Post Dump – This trailer has become the standard because of its reliable sheet and post design, which is completely welded. The sheet and post dump trailer has a wall thickness of .175 inches and a hollowed designed bottom rail, making it ideal for regular transportation.
  • Frameless and Frame-Type – MAC dump trailers are available in both frameless and framed types. The advantages of a framed dump trailer are that it is more durable and will last longer, it is easier to load and unload, and it can carry more weight. Meanwhile, a frameless dump trailer is lighter and, therefore, easier to maneuver, does not require as much maintenance, and is more affordable.
Dump Trailer
Dump Trailer

Flat Bed Trailers

  • Dropdeck/Step - When you need a drop deck trailer that can carry much weight but still be easy to tow, look no further than MAC Trailer. It comes in 40', 45', and 53' overall lengths, with 10' and 11' upper decks, respectively. These trailers can be built with several axles, making them suitable for heavy haul and specialized transport situations.
  • MLP 6 – These flatbed trailers have low-profiled necks to accommodate the largest loads of pipe and lumber. They can also carry other miscellaneous construction materials that can be transported on standard pallets. 
  • MLP 8 – These trailers are identical to MLP 6s but are offered in 8-inch neck sizes. These trailers are distinguished from one another by the wide range of loads they can carry based on their beam ratings, interior heights, and load capacities.
  • MAC Combo Flatbed – To the wide variety of available platform trailers, MAC Trailer has added the combo flatbed. Aluminum floor decking with C-styled aluminum floor cross members and a powder-coated chassis are among the special features.
  • Common Uses – A MAC flatbed trailer is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for various purposes. Common uses for MAC flatbed trailers include transporting heavy machinery or lumber, moving construction materials, or landscaping.
  • Low Cube – Low cube pneumatic trailers have sleek aluminum exteriors, bar-type bracing, and reinforcing plates for the hopper's apex. Cement and sand trucks can make the most efficient use of these tanks.
  • High Cube – These tanks are made from high-quality, polished aluminum used in food- and non-food-grade applications. These include the internal hopper apex reinforcing plates and internal bar-type bracing. Those who transport flour, sugar, lime, and fly ash will benefit most from using these trailers.
  • AeroMAC – To ensure optimal performance, the AeroMAC-1615 food-grade tank trailer features a frameless, monocoque design. The 1,615-cubic-foot pneumatic trailer is made of 5454-H32 aluminum and operates at 14.7 psi.
  • 1000 Cube – The 1000 Cube Tank's all-aluminum, two-hopper design maximizes payloads while minimizing towing weight. This trailer can be had either an open strut or an enclosed structure, and either version includes an actual volume vessel, extended valve handles, and MAC Trailer Stairs as standard equipment.
  • Vacuum – Removable piping allows the MAC vac tank trailers to be cleaned quickly and easily without removing any pipes, which increases the operator's safety. The external piping controls are conveniently located and labeled for use.
  • Common Uses – MAC pneumatic trailers are one of the most versatile machinery on a job site. They can be used to haul a wide variety of materials, including asphalt, aggregate, and concrete.
Flatbed Trailer
Flatbed Trailer
Flatbed Trailer
Flatbed Trailer


How many years has MAC Trailer been in business?

Michael A. Conny started MAC Trailer as a one-man operation in his garage in 1992, fixing up wrecked trailers. In 1994, MAC Trailer produced its first models. MAC Trailer has expanded to become a major trailer manufacturer in the U.S. and Canada.

Does MAC Trailer offer aftermarket parts?

Yes, MAC Trailer has its own aftermarket parts department. Its 30,000-square-foot warehouse houses a wide variety of products for sale from MAC Trailer Aftermarket Parts Inc. Everything, from hoists and suspensions to lights and MAC cleaners to 5th wheel plates for trucks and trailers to air-operated lids for tanks to check valves and bottom tees to moving floor components and everything else you could need for a trailer or tank trailer, is in stock.

Are MAC trailers manufactured in the United States?

Every single one of MAC Trailer’s units is built in the U.S. The company has its headquarters in Alliance, Ohio. It also has production facilities in Texas, Oklahoma, and Montana.

How many trailers does MAC Trailer build each year?

The number of trailers manufactured annually keeps rising. The annual production rate of trailers has increased to over 6,000 to date.

Can I lease a MAC trailer? 

Yes. Trailers are readily available from MAC Trailer and its nationwide network of dealers. If you are in Florida, Nationwide Haul can ’help you with individualized lease agreements. Nationwide Haul offers customized services to meet the needs of any hauler.

What’s covered in a MAC Trailer warranty?

MAC Trailer has made a name for itself by providing trailers that are top-notch in every way: in design, engineering, and construction. If something goes wrong, the warranty manager at MAC Trailer will work directly with the client to find a solution. Depending on the trailer, MAC Trailer offers two- to five-year warranties. 

Where is MAC Trailer located?

MAC Trailer has its headquarters at 14599 Commerce Street, Alliance, Ohio. It also has manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Texas, Montana, and Oklahoma. In addition, MAC Trailer has a dealer network of 135 offices throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Does MAC Trailer own Beall?

Yes. MAC Trailer now owns Beall Corporation, the originator of the Bullet Trailer design. 

What MAC trailer is best for hauling sugar or flour?

High-cube pneumatic tanks are best suited for transporting sugar and flour. These tanks are made out of high-quality, polished aluminum. It also has internal hopper apex reinforcing plates and internal bar-type bracing, suitable for use with both food and non-food products.

How much does a MAC dump trailer weigh?

It depends on the trailer type, but many MAC dump trailers are made from durable but light materials like aluminum. The MACsimizer, for instance, has the same volume as a standard square-body dump trailer but only has 8,900 pounds as tare weight.

How long does it take to build a new MAC trailer?

Each type of MAC trailer has a different manufacturing timeline. You can consult with MAC experts at a local dealership for more information on specific MAC trailer types. 

Is MAC Trailer the same as Mack Trucks?

MAC Trailer and Mack Trucks are separate companies. Mack Trucks is a truck manufacturing company, while MAC Trailer specializes in manufacturing trailers and truck bodies.

Why are MAC trailers more expensive than most other brands?

There are several reasons. For one, they're built tougher and last longer, using only the highest quality materials. In addition, MAC Trailer offers a wide range of customization options to meet each client’s specific needs. Also, MAC Trailer provides excellent customer service before and after the sale. It has a team of experts who are always ready to answer any questions.

Can MAC Trailer build a custom trailer for my needs?

MAC Trailer is a leading manufacturer of custom trailers. No matter what your hauling needs, MAC Trailer can build a custom trailer to meet them. From conception to completion, MAC Trailer’s engineers will work with you to design and build a trailer that meets your specific needs.

What tarps can be installed on a MAC Trailer?

MAC trailers are versatile and can accommodate any standard tarp type. The most popular tarp types are heavy-duty, lumber, and truck tarps. Each tarp type has its installation process, but all can be installed on MAC trailers.

How many factories does MAC Trailer own?

MAC Trailer has its main headquarters in Alliance, Ohio. Including Beall and MAC LTT, MAC Trailer has 14 facilities in eight states.

Who owns MAC Trailer?

Michael A. Conny is the owner of MAC Trailer. He is also the founder and current president of the trailer manufacturing company. In 1992, he started MAC Trailer as a one-man operation out of his garage to service and repair trailers for commercial trucks. 

Can I finance a MAC Trailer? 

Nationwide Equipment Finance offers financing options for MAC trailers, so you’ll get the trailer you need without breaking the bank. Visit nefnow.com to begin the easy and convenient financing process for a MAC trailer.

How much money can I get for my MAC trailer?

Used MAC trailers have some of the highest resale values in the business. This is excellent news for anyone who wants to sell a pre-owned MAC trailer. Even if you're not the original owner, you can still expect to get a good return on your investment if you decide to sell it down the road. 

Do MAC trailers retain their resale value?

MAC Trailer has always been a reliable name in the trailer industry. Its trailers are known for their durability and longevity. MAC trailers often hold their value better than other brands. Values for previously owned MAC trailers are among the highest in the industry. 

How can I sell my MAC trailer? 

With high resale values, selling a pre-owned MAC trailer is straightforward. If you are in Florida, look no further than Nationwide Haul. It offers flexible options to maximize the resale of your MAC trailer.

Warranty Info

MAC Trailer 5-Year Limited Warranty 

Within the first five years after the delivery date, MAC Trailer will pay for the cost of repairing or replacing defective parts of the equipment at a prorated rate. 

Coverage per basis:  

  • 1st year: 100% 
  • 2nd year: 80% 
  • 3rd year: 60% 
  • 4th year: 40% 
  • 5th year: 20%

MAC Trailer Mover & Tipper 2-Year Warranty 

During the applicable warranty period, if a defect is discovered in the equipment's body or subframe, MAC Trailer will repair or replace the equipment at its factory or an authorized dealership. From the date of delivery of the purchased equipment, MAC Trailer has a 2-year warranty, during which time it will repair or replace faulty items at no cost to the buyer.

MAC Trailer Straight Truck 3-Year Warranty 

During the applicable warranty period, if the purchaser notifies MAC Trailer or an authorized dealership of any apparent deformity in the body, subframe, or frame components, MAC Trailer or the dealership will repair or replace the faulty items. For three years after delivery, MAC Trailer will pay for the total cost of repairing or replacing any defective parts.

MACsimizer 3-Year Warranty 

During the three years, beginning on the day of delivery of the MACsimizer, MAC Trailer will pay for the total cost of fixing or replacing any defective equipment. MAC Trailer's liability is limited to features and materials.

MAC Trailer Western Lightweight 3-Year Limited Warranty 

For three years after delivery, MAC Trailer will cover the total cost of repairs or replacement of any faulty items. MAC's liability is limited to parts and materials.

PneuMACtic Tank Trailer 5-Year Warranty

will assess the labor costs and provide notification of coverage.

Travis Body & Trailer 

Travis Body & Trailer is a trailer manufacturing company based in Houston, Texas. The company has been operating since 1989. Travis makes its trailers in a single location, overseen by a dedicated team of workers.

Clement Industries 

Clement Industries has been making dump trailers since 1950. The company has its headquarters in Sibley, Louisiana.


Warren, Inc. started its operations in Collins, Mississippi, in 1993. Warren creates various hydraulic cylinders, hoists, and specialty bodies, including stainless steel and aluminum dump trailers.


With 40 years of industry experience, Trailstar fills the need for quality dump trailers in the Midwestern market. Trailstar has its headquarters in Alliance, Ohio.


Semi-Trucks and Trailers

For the financing and leasing of semi-trucks and trailers, Nationwide Equipment Finance, via its website nefnow.com, has a wide range of options for customers. It works with all major lenders, so you are sure to get the best rates and terms available.

Commercial Vehicles

Nationwide Equipment Finance offers competitive and flexible financing and leasing options for commercial vehicles. It partners with its clients to provide the best possible service and support.

Box Trucks

Leasing a box truck from nefnow.com is an excellent way to save money on your monthly payments. Nefnow.com offers competitive rates and terms, so you can get the vehicle you need without breaking the bank. 

Light and Medium Duty Trucks

If you're looking for a new light or medium-duty truck but don’t have the funds to buy one outright, nefnow.com offers financing options. Nefnow.com will work with you to find the best solution for your needs, regardless of your choice and budget.

Simple Approval Process

Applying for financing with Nefnow.com is a simple process. All you need to do is fill out an online application and provide basic information about yourself and your business. Once approved, you'll have access to various financing options that can be used to purchase new trucks or equipment, expand your business, or cover unexpected expenses. With flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates, Nefnow.com makes it easy to get the funding you need to grow your business.

No Credit Check Required

If you need a truck but don't have the credit to finance it, worry not. Nefnow.com offers no credit check-required financing so that you can get the job done.

Member of the NEFA

Nationwide Equipment Finance is a proud member of the National Equipment Finance Association (NEFA). NEFA is a national trade association working toward advancing the equipment leasing and finance industry. Being a part of the NEFA allows Nationwide Equipment Finance to better serve its customers by staying up-to-date on the latest financing options and trends. 

MAC Semi-Trailer Repair

ABS/Electrical Diagnostics

ABS diagnostics determine whether your trailer’s anti-lock braking system (ABS) is functioning correctly. ABS systems prevent wheel lockup during emergency braking situations. Diagnostics of the ABS are part of the overall electrical diagnostic checkup that MAC Trailer provides.

DOT Inspection

DOT Inspection is an inspection conducted by the Department of Transportation. During a DOT inspection, a certified inspector will check the condition of the trailer and its components and ensure it complies with DOT regulations. MAC Trailer performs annual DOT inspections. 


MAC Trailer offers various suspension inspection and repair services for its customers. This includes checking, repairing, or replacing axles, springs, shock absorbers, and couplers.

Brake System/Tires

MAC Trailer provides maintenance services for brake systems and tires, including inspections, repairs, and replacements. It also offers a wide selection of aftermarket parts. 

Fabrications/Body Repair 

MAC Trailer provides trailer metal fabrication and trailer body repairs. It offers a full range of trailer body repair services, from minor collision repairs to significant structural repairs.

Hydraulic and Hoist 

MAC Trailer offers hydraulic repairs covering the brakes, suspension, and lifting systems. For hoist repair, MAC Trailer can cater to hoists of various makes.

Tarp Repair 

MAC Trailer offers tarp repair for trailers at a fraction of the replacement cost. Its range of services includes tarp installation, upkeep, and replacement. For replacement, MAC Trailer has various aftermarket products available as well.

Flatbed Decking and Flooring 

Flatbed decking is the material that forms the floor and sides of your trailer, typically made from wood or aluminum. The flooring is what you put on top of the decking; it can be anything from carpet to rubber matting. MAC Trailer offers custom decking and flooring options to best cater to your needs.


The purpose of liners is to protect your trailer’s contents from being scratched or damaged by the metal walls of the trailer. It also provides a bit of insulation against temperature changes. MAC Trailer does liner installation and repair as part of its services.

Aluminum Welding 

Aluminum welding is often used on trailers as aluminum is a lightweight material noted for being strong and durable. MAC Trailer includes aluminum welding as part of its metal fabrication services, along with galvanized steel.

Research and Development

MAC Trailer prides itself as an industry trailblazer. The company is at the forefront of innovation and change, from designing the pneumatic tank to modernizing the Bullet trailer. That is why a significant portion of its revenue is returned to research, with millions spent on R&D annually.

The company maintains 35,000 square feet of industrial space dedicated to research and development. This allows MAC Trailer to bring new products to market quickly and efficiently.

To ensure MAC trailers are optimized for strength and safety, the company conducts extensive and strenuous testing on each trailer. It is in direct and constructive consultation with North American and European manufacturers in all its development efforts.

Insurance for MAC Trailers 

Does commercial semi-truck insurance cover my MAC trailer?  

Yes, commercial semi-truck insurance covers MAC trailers. However, this coverage is not complete. All commercial trucking or transportation companies must have commercial trucking liability coverage.  

Commercial semi-truck liability insurance provides protection against bodily injury or property damage from trucking operations. Driving without the minimum coverage can lead to serious consequences, such as suspensions and fines.  

Road Ready Insurance Agency (RRI) is an independent agency that specializes in trucking insurance. This means that you can compare quotes from various insurance carriers, getting the best value. The company’s experience helps its team determine what coverage you need in addition to commercial semi-truck liability insurance.  

RRI also delivers a high level of customization and customer care. Its team will listen to your requirements and learn about your business in order to ask the right questions to determine an ideal fit. Once you are a client, you can receive on-demand information via the client portal, which also includes the ability to issue, Certificates of Insurance (COIs) and much more.  

What insurance coverage do I need for my MAC trailer? 

Every MAC trailer, just like every other commercial truck, must have trucking liability coverage. The FMCSA requires you to have at least $750,000 of coverage if your truck weighs more than 10,000 pounds.  

For freight brokers, you likely need $1,000,000 of coverage or more. This is also true for auto haulers and for other types of hauled commodities. If you use your MAC trailers to haul certain hazardous materials, the minimum coverage increases to $5,000,000.  

Depending on the state, you may not need physical damage coverage for your trailer. However, several states require it, and any trailer with a loan is almost certain to require it. This physical damage coverage will pay out the actual cash value or the trailers stated value if it is a total loss.  

Importantly, physical damage does not cover injury expenses or liability. Instead, you typically combine it with other coverage to get full coverage. Physical damage insurance can include collision and comprehension. Collision coverage is relevant when your truck is in an accident, whether it is a single-vehicle accident or involves another vehicle. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle when it is not on the road. This includes protection from theft, vandalism, fire, and hail.  

If you utilize a trailer you do not own, you also need trailer interchange or Non-owned trailer insurance. This will cover physical damage due to explosions, theft, vandalism, fire, or collisions. You need this coverage whenever you pull a trailer that does not belong to you, even if you have coverage for your own MAC trailer. This coverage will include a limit as well as a deductible; trailer interchange insurance requires that a trailer interchange agreement be in effect with a signed agreement.  Non-owned coverage does not require any agreement. 

Owner-operators also have specific insurance requirements for their trucking business. This starts with trucking liability insurance. It is usually has a limit of $1,000,000 to cover property damage and bodily injury liability. 90% of the industry maintains a $1,000,000 coverage instead of the minimum of $750,000 for certain trucking companies.  

On top of that, owner-operators need motor truck cargo liability insurance, physical damage insurance, and truckers’ general liability insurance. Owner-operators who are leased on to a different motor carrier authority need physical damage, non-trucking liability, trailer interchange, and/or non-owned trailer coverage.  

The motor truck cargo insurance typically has a limit of $100,000 and includes some exceptions, like those mentioned above. When choosing coverage for physical damage, consider insuring your MAC trailer up to the amount of its replacement value. General truck liability insurance is usually $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate for general liability coverage. This is different from primary trucking liability. It provides coverage for property damage and injuries not related to active trucking.  

The non-trucking liability coverage provides protection when using your vehicle outside of dispatch. It is important to have this if you lease on with another motor carrier (who provides commercial auto liability while under dispatch) or do not have the primary trucking liability. As mentioned, the trailer interchange insurance is for trailers you do not own.  

Non-owned trailer coverage is similar to trailer interchange insurance, but it frequently provides more rounded coverage. The biggest difference is that you do not always need the trailer interchange agreement for non-owned trailer coverage but do need it for trailer interchange insurance.  

Specific requirements for fleet insurance are very similar. Fleets must have trucking liability insurance (usually $1,000,000), motor truck cargo liability insurance (usually $100,000), physical damage insurance, and truckers’ general liability insurance (usually $1,000,000/$2,000,000).  

Some trucking companies will need high-risk trucking insurance. This may be required for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • At-fault accidents 
  • Large shock losses 
  • High out-of-service scores 
  • Poor CAB reports 
  • Poor business credit 
  • Inexperienced drivers (Less than 2 years)
  • Being in a high-risk geographical area  

Road Ready Insurance Agency can provide this high-risk insurance, ensuring your fleet meets risk compliance and safety measures.  

At the same time, Road Ready Insurance Agency will give you tools to reduce or eliminate your high-risk status. These include driver drug test programs, safety courses, driver screening, motor vehicle reports, the national fuel card program, and fleet telematics.  

What type of cargo insurance do I need for my MAC trailer? 

Cargo insurance is a specific type of liability coverage. It provides coverage for cargo damaged while being transported. You can make a claim for damages to the cargo due to heavy weather or incidents you cannot control, including accidents where you are not at fault.  

Before choosing a cargo insurance policy for your MAC trailer, ensure that it meets your requirements, as they have maximum values for the cargo. You must also confirm that the cargo insurance covers the type of cargo your truck will carry. It covers most manufacturer shipments, textiles, and large equipment.  

Cargo insurance will not include coins, tobacco, alcohol, or explosives. If you transport any of those items with your MAC trailer, you will need a specialized policy for these high-risk items.  

If you carry refrigerated goods, you will also need reefer breakdown insurance. Reefer breakdown insurance covers perishable products, such as dairy, fruits, and vegetables. Reefer breakdown insurance is required if you regularly transport refrigerated goods, as your regular cargo liability insurance will not cover losses caused by the refrigeration unit malfunctioning.  

As you look at reefer breakdown insurance, pay attention to exclusions. Some policies exclude meats, pharmaceuticals, and fresh seafood. Some policies also have exclusions for driver negligence or delays.  Some even require meticulous maintenance documentation for the refer unit in order for there to be coverage.

Does general liability insurance cover my MAC trailer?  

General liability insurance will cover your MAC trailer to some extent. It will typically only have minimal coverage, which is why you need additional trucking liability insurance.  

One important distinction is that general liability insurance for your business will cover your trailer in the case of accidents that occur when not on the road. By contrast, trucking liability coverage is there for when your truck is on the road.  

Non-trucking liability insurance is an alternative to or supplements your general liability coverage. Like general liability insurance, this policy covers your trucks when they are not actively used for trucking. For example, if you have a fleet with owner-operator leases, the owner-operator needs this coverage.  

Non-trucking liability protects you from the costs of bodily injury and property damage when the vehicle is not conducting business operations (under dispatch). It is specifically helpful any time you use your truck and trailer for personal use, but it can also be helpful for any other non-business use.  

There are also other types of insurance coverage you can get for your MAC trailer, including long haul trucking coverage, workers’ compensation, non-owned trailer physical damage,  occupational accident, umbrella insurance, and fleet insurance, among others.  

Owner-operator trucking insurance is another important type of insurance from RRI. This is a specialty of the insurance agency, as it writes more owner-operator insurance policies than other types.  

Small fleet insurance is yet another crucial type of insurance, especially for still-growing companies that only have three to ten trucks in their fleet. RRI not only offers this small fleet insurance, but it also offers opportunities to increase your insurance as your fleet grows. It also includes other benefits, such as a free fuel card with savings, claims oversight, critical forms and documentation, and vehicle tracking and telematics devices.  

Large fleets receive similar services from Road Ready Insurance Agency, along with a free policy review. RRI works with fleets of varying sizes, from 100 trucks to 2,500 trucks and more. Other trucking insurance you may want for your MAC trailer includes Amazon Relay trucking insurance and tow truck insurance.  

Remember that Amazon Relay works with 28-foot trailers, 53-foot dry van trailers, reefer trailers, box trucks, day cab tractors, and sleeper tractors. You will need auto liability insurance ($1,000,000+), motor truck cargo insurance ($100,000+), trailer interchange coverage ($50,000+), commercial general liability insurance ($1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 total), workers’ compensation insurance, and employer liability insurance ($100,000 per occurrence). 

Rental and Leasing Options

Options Available to Rent a MAC Trailer

Nationwide Haul Leasing makes it easy to Rent or lease a MAC trailer. The company leases and rents a variety of semi trailers including Reefers, Dry Vans, Flatbeds, Chassis and Dump Trailers. 

One of the most popular structures from is a lease-to-own arrangement. This gives you the utmost flexibility, letting you buy the equipment at the end of the lease for a minimal amount or return it if you want. Think of this as a balloon payment with an option to return if you need. If you prefer, you can just stick to renting or leasing a trailer and returning it in the end. 

This type of lease-to-own is available for all of our semi trailers, so MAC trailers will qualify without an issue. Nationwide Haul Leasing is able to structure a variety of semi-trailer leasing and rental terms to fit the need of your company.  

Many of those deals offer zero down payment with no money initially due. In those cases, you will not have to pay any fees or make any payments for the initial 30 to 60 days of your chosen deal. 

Flexible Terms and Easy Application 

Nationwide Equipment Finance offers flexible leasing and financing terms and an easy application process. That process begins with a no-obligation phone call to give you more information about the options you have to get a MAC trailer. 

The application process for NEF is just a single page. You will start by providing basic information, such as your name and contact information. Then, list information about your business, including the type of business, years of industry experience, years with a CDL license, and information about previous commercial equipment loans and other credit-affecting situations like tax liens. Finally, list how many trailers and trucks you own. 

The simple application process gives you more time to spend on your business. Once you submit your application, you will talk to an account manager. They will work with you to determine the best approval terms and structure for your trucking needs. The entire process can take just 24 hours. In most cases, you will only need to complete the application itself and get an invoice for the MAC trailer you want to rent or finance. 

Even better, applying for financing from NEF and receiving your payment, down payment, and terms do not affect your credit. Keep in mind that NEF does not run your credit score. This is important for finding the best deal more quickly and accurately. The company specializes in helping small- and medium-sized businesses, so you can expect financing options that fit your needs. It proudly works directly with fleets of varying sizes. Loan amounts, for example, start at $10,000 and can be up to multi-million-dollar deals. 

Overall, the programs, leases, and financing schemes are designed to be highly customized for your individual business. MAC Trailer is just one of over a dozen semi-trailer brands NEF finances, along with several brands of semi-trucks. In addition to semi-trucks and trailers, you can use the same company to finance box trucks, busses, tow trucks, dump trucks, sprinter vans, medical equipment, and construction equipment. 

Throughout the entire process, communications are also a breeze, as NEF prides itself on communicating across multiple channels and delivering fast answers via its dedicated staff. 

From the time you complete your application, you will get your answer and terms for rental or leasing incredibly quickly. In many cases, the lease or loan is completed on the same day. As long as you provide all of the required information, you can expect it to take just 24 to 48 hours from when you apply. 

Once everything is set, and your lease or finance contract has begun, the process remains easy and flexible. To start, you can continue taking advantage of open communications with the team. You can also choose to have monthly payments automatically deducted from your bank account or sent via ACH. This adds convenience and prevents the need to remember to make monthly payments. 

NEF is not a bank; instead, it works with many banks. This allows it to help your trucking company find the best possible interest rates and terms for leasing and finance. This is a direct benefit of renting or financing from a company that works with more than just one or two banks. You not only get the best option, but you will be able to choose from several deals. The rates are based on your business’s overall score as well as your industry. But NEF prides itself on providing top rates because of its relationship with lenders.