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Fuel Card

Fuel Card

At Nationwide Haul, we go out of our way to help owner-operators and trucking companies in any way we can. We offer equipment loans and financing to put the equipment you need within reach. But we also look for other ways to help you save, such as the Nationwide Haul TCS Fuel Card.

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Meet the Fuel Card and Its Savings

Given the size of your equipment, they run through a lot of fuel. As such, diesel fuel costs contribute a significant amount to your overall operating expenses. That’s why we targeted this particular cost, with the goal of making diesel fuel more affordable for you and your company.

Nationwide Haul partnered with TransConnect Services (TCS) to create this comprehensive fuel card that trucking companies of any size can benefit from. Using the card gives you discounts on fuel and access to fuel management tools.

You will also be able to choose between the TCS EFS and TCS Comdata platforms for the fuel card.

How Much You Will Save

On average, you will save 68 cents per gallon with the Nationwide Haul TCS Fuel Card. Best of all, there are $0 transaction fees when you use the card in network.

Where It Works

While most of our clients are based in the United States, many head over the border regularly. That’s why the Nationwide Haul TCS Fuel Card delivers savings in both the United States and Canada.

You can use the card anywhere, but remember that fueling up at in-network locations comes with a $0 transaction fee. The card is accepted at all major truck stops, so you won’t have to worry about whether it will work when needed.

Some locations with discounts include:

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Access Additional Tools

In addition to the savings themselves, getting the Nationwide Haul TCS Fuel Card gives you access to these great features.

Secure Online Access

In this digital world, you expect to have access to your account no matter where you are, and this Fuel Card meets your expectations. You can securely access your account and manage your card online. Thanks to your smartphone, you can access your account anywhere your truck route takes you.

Fuel Finder

You will get discounts when you use the Nationwide Haul TCS Fuel Card. But you can also use the discount program’s Fuel Finder feature to locate the best rates and discounts on fuel. This will help maximize your savings.

Savings at TA and Petro

In addition to fuel, trucking companies also spend on maintenance, service, and tires. Luckily, having this Fuel Card will give you savings on service, tires, and maintenance at Petro and TA.

24/7 Customer Service

Whenever you need help or run into an issue with your fuel card, our customer service team is there for you. You can reach customer service 24/7.

Start Saving with the Fuel Card

Get the Nationwide Haul Fuel Card today by filling out a simple form.

Get Your Free Fuel Card   Save 69 Cents Per Gallon!