What is an EGR system?

What is an EGR system?

Sep 20, 2019 - Back to Blog

E.G.R. is and an acronym for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. This system was one of the first systems added to gas and diesel engines as a means to help reduce exhaust emissions. Since the early 1970’s EGR systems have been evolving into the highly controlled systems we see today. The basic principle of the EGR system is to take unused fuel from the exhaust system and reintroduce it into the combustion chambers of the engine. With the intake now enriched with the leftover unused fuel from the exhaust system, the fumes have a second chance to be burned during regular engine operation.

Coolers are used to decrease the temperature of the exhaust gases prior to them being added into the intake of the engine (EGR Coolers). When a diesel engine is put under a heavy load the appearance of fuel rich exhaust (black/blue smoke) used to be omitted into the air. With the use of EGR systems that fuel rich exhaust is “recycled” into useable fuel and excess hydrocarbons are forced through the combustion process over and over again reducing emissions. Unfortunately, these systems are notorious for carbon build up problems, especially where fuel system and combustion problems are occurring. A property maintained, well running engine, should have little to no issues with the EGR system.

Be sure to keep your engine oil clean, and change your fuel filters during regular PM services. Fuel system services are also a means to reduce carbon build up. As you can see the EGR system serves a purpose, even if that purpose really doesn’t bring anything to the table performance wise. The next system the exhaust fumes meet with is the DPF/DEF system, and that’s a whole different story!

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